Cruise in to  Classics Barber Shop  and notice the immediate difference. Our customer service brings back the reputation of an old school barber shop, where professionalism matters and customer service is just part of our company culture. In fact, we take much pride and passion in the attention to detail we offer. Getting to know our clients is a pleasure and we see faces not just from our vicinity but from all over Richland County.

Whether you walk in for the first time or call ahead for an appointment, you will be taken care of and spoken to from the moment you walk through the door. We give you more than just an old magazine to read and make sure your comfort is at the top of our priorities. Although we highly recommend booking a scheduled visit with us, we do not turn anyone away.

Because we believe that getting a haircut should be fun and not like a visit to the doctor, you’ll find the atmosphere at  Classics Barber Shop  to be inviting and welcoming. You can expect a shampoo and conditioning treatment, neck shave, ear, beard and brow trim, while you enjoy music and the fun setting we have designed.



While you’re here, you’ll enjoy creamy, lathery shaving cream and hot towels to help you relax and enjoy your experience. Our barbers pay attention to the finer details to ensure every hair is shaved properly.

Mix and match our hair services with a haircut and shave together. Or, come see us especially if you are shaving the top of your head for the first time or need frequent upkeeps. A men’s shave is not as easy as it looks, so why not let our professional barbers do it for you to save the hassle of trimming and grooming? We are happy to shave your face, head, and neck to maximize your best features.

For a close shave that even your girl will appreciate, come in to see us! 


 Men have plenty of names for their facial hair, and beard styles come and go just as fashion trends fluctuate.  Classics Barber Shop always remains at the “cutting edge” of men’s styles, so we can bring out the best features of your face to create a style that fits your personality. 


No matter what you call it – a Beard, Goatee, Chin Curtain, Mane, Mustache, Muttonchops, Sideburns, Shenandoah, Soul Patch, or Five-o’clock Shadow – or something you saw in a magazine, our first class barbers can create a sophisticated look for your beard.

Our specialized tools are top notch and can precisely clip your beard or facial hair exactly the way you like. Plus, you’ll receive the royal treatment with a hot lathered shave and warm towels to make you feel like a worldly prince. We believe in going the extra mile for customer service and know you will be satisfied and pleased with the results.