Jon Miller


 Jon is an artist when it comes to cutting hair.  He started cutting hair in the bathroom and his mom's garage back in 1984.  Now he has been in the business for 35 years and the cuts speak for themselves.   


Kevin Perkins aka K.P.


 Kevin has been in the barbershop game for over 30 years. He cut for over 20 years in Atlanta, Georgia.
He handles Caucasian and Hispanic hair like no other. His motto is "I will never let you or your hair down."  

Craig McNeil a.k.a. Mack


Mack has been a Premier Master Barber in Columbia, South Carolina for over 20 years.
He has all the skills to give every client exactly what they desire.  

He also specializes in all walks of life. "Whether you are brown or blue, I will take care of you".  

Jason a.k.a. Jaybo


Jason is the barber that every customer enjoys.  He has the right conversation with everyone.
Jason attended Denmark Technical college where he was trained by the best instructor around, Mr. Ruff a.k.a. 

The Goat. Jason was born and raised in the Irmo and Columbia area
and he will sing a song for you if you just ask him to.